Training Community Leaders with Heart through the Study of Yoga, Healing and the Natural World.

The Abhyasa Yoga Institute Staff

Christina Alexa

Christina Alexa

Passionate about CONNECTION, Christina has received several initiations by master teachers and healers of both the elemental/shamanic traditions as well as the yogic lineage and has been sharing these practices through teaching and healing work for over 20 years. A Keeper of the Sweat Lodge, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Instructor, Unnata® Aerial Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher Trainer in the Usui Tradition, Speaker, Writer and Group Facilitator – and most importantly a MOM – Christina dedicates her time to her beautiful son, to yoga and writing as well as to her yoga school, The Abhyasa Yoga Institute, for which she is the lead trainer.

Christina Alexa is certified at the 250 hour level in Amrit Yoga and at the 500 hour level within the disciplines of Integrated Yoga Levels I and II, Resonance Yoga and Movement. Christina also holds certification in a 5 year intensive Resonance Healing Therapy program, an immersion in healing and energy medicine, has studied Anatomy and Cranio Sacral work with International Teacher Ellen Heed and attended a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Rolf Gates. Christina holds a 65 hour certification in Unnata® Aerial Yoga as well as an Advanced Unnata® Aerial Certification, through direct study with Michelle Dortignac, the original founder of Aerial Yoga and the Unnata® Aerial Yoga Method. Christina and also holds an Aerial Yoga Certification through Cirque Body. She has been influenced by many, many notable teachers as well as countless students through the years. Currently Christina in enrolled in another 500 Hour Yoga Certification program with Dharma Mittra in NYC. An eternal student, Christina lives by “Adhikara” as a guiding force for a purposeful life.

In 1998 Christina opened The Yoga studio of Manchester, the first in a long line of studios including The Practice Room Center for Yoga and Healing, Sacred Waters Yoga at Mill Falls and Santosha Yoga and Wellness. She is a co-founder of the annual Live in Love Retreat, a profound journey into Connection, Listening, Remembrance, Transformation and empowered Manifestation. Most recently her journey has lead her to co-found Yoga Jaya, LLC with studios in the Lakes Region of NH.

Christina looks toward connecting with your heart through blogs, sweat lodge and fire ceremonies, classes, workshops, trainings and retreats. She also enjoys connecting with herself through balanced time with her family, gardening, writing, wood working, flying, travel and many thrilling adventures.

Christina offers Private Healing Sessions, Chakra Readings, Private Yoga, Yoga Teacher Trainings through the (RYS) Abhyasa Yoga Institute, Sweat Lodge and Fire Ceremonies, Reiki Trainings and Reiki Teacher Trainings, Mat and Aerial Yoga Classes and numerous workshops on a variety of topics. 

Leslie Judice

Leslie Judice

Born in New Orleans • Raised on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana • Graduate of University of Louisiana Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns in Marketing, Management and Advertising Design • Anusara Inspired™ Yoga Teacher • Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher & Bodyworker • Certified Pranayama Instructor • I work with the nature of Crystals to enlighten my world and all those that seek more light in their lives • I am owner of The Mystic Meadows home of Tavern 27 and The Magical Mystery Store • I live with my husband, a Bernese Mountain Dog, 2 Kitty Cats in Laconia, NH • I'm that Leslie. 

Leslie Judice

Larissa Taylor

Dr. Larissa Taylor, D.C. began her quest for health and fitness over 25 years ago. Her journey started as a group fitness instructor, with several additional certifications in the industry to follow. Larissa discovered she had an intense interest in human anatomy and physiology, as well as in biomechanics and the nuances of form and function of the human body. This led her to pursue and earn her B.S. in Human Biology, followed by a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2003. She is a licensed doctor of chiropractic in the state of New Hampshire, and practices in Conway, NH. She has hundreds of hours of continuing education in the fitness industry to stay current, and still enjoys teaching today. Her post graduate professional study includes: 100 hours of acupuncture, 120 hours of chiropractic sports physician, Graston Technique, A.R.T. (Active Release Technique), FAKTR, nutrition and numerous other interests within the profession. Since moving to the Mt. Washington valley in 2003, she discovered the joys and benefits of yoga. She is a 200-hour certified Yoga instructor. Larissa also runs the fitness center at Taylor Chiropractic.  

Jenna Sarno

Jenna decided to first step on a yoga mat at age 16 at the local gym. It was NOT love at first practice. She told people how she couldn't do yoga because her mind was too active and she could not stand listening to her thoughts. Little did she know, what she was resisting she should have been persisting- yoga was the exact remedy she needed to slow her active mind.

Flash forward two years Jenna was dealing with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as an unhealthy body image. She decided to give yoga another go at a local studio where they had a $30 special for 14 days that she would commit to. That first class she felt a major shift and ended up crying in child's pose for the duration! It was then that she knew she had found something special here, even though it felt painful to work through emotions, it was also necessary and a yoga class was a completely safe container for her to explore her fears, thoughts, and emotions in.

After 3 years of consistent and dedicated practice, Jenna decided to take her 200 Hour Teacher Training with her teacher, Christina Alexa at the Abhyasa Yoga Institute, where she studied Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Energetic & Physical Anatomy, Teaching Methodology, and Philosophy. Jenna also has a 25 hour Aerial Teacher Certification through CirqueBody and a 30 Hour Certification in Trauma Informed Yoga Teaching.

Jenna intuitively teaches in her classes by feeling the energy of what the practitioner needs in that moment and shaping the class from there, but often bringing in a strong practice to strengthen the mind and body simultaneously. Jenna has a certification in Holistic Health & Nutrition, working one-on- one with clients or in a group setting. Also passionate about songwriting and singing, you can find Jenna playing music throughout New England and in yoga classes in the area. 

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