Training Community Leaders with Heart through the Study of Yoga, Healing and the Natural World.

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

About 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

See below for up-coming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Residential and Non-Residential opportunities.



The Abhyasa Yoga Institute Yoga Teacher Certification Program provides an environment of personal, unconditional support and mentorship to help you realize your full potential as a yoga instructor at the 200 hour level. We are enormously proud of our program development, content and experienced staff of instructors that help to facilitate a strong container for your educational learning, self realization and unveiling of your own inner guru!

General Non-Residential program hours include one weekend training per month, weekly yoga classes, supervised practice teaching, independent practice teaching, potential online learning modules and electives.

Summer Yoga Teacher Training programs and Residential programs are sometimes offered. Review current offerings below and watch for future updates.

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Highlights of our 200 Hour Program:

  • Nutritional cleansing and support
  • In-Depth Study of Yoga Philosophy
  • Functional Anatomy for Yoga Instructors
  • Detailed study of asana, correct form and technique, modifications, benefits and contraindications
  • Proper guidance for hands-on assisting techniques
  • Energetic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Energetic Dynamics
  • Business & Ethics
  • Practice of and Teaching Instruction for enhanced yoga techniques including asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, japa mantra, and more.
  • Integration of skills required to become a confident yoga teacher; exploration and realization of personal teaching style
  • Deepening of personal practice and discipline
  • Establishment and maintenance of a deep sense of connection and purpose
  • Enhancement of personal growth and development for self and others
  • Deep community connection
  • “Get out of your own way”, attuning to your natural ability and voice as an instructor.

About 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

See below for up-coming 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Residential and Non-Residential opportunities.



The AYI 300 Hour YTT program involves in-depth study of yoga philosophy, including regular animated group discussion as well as practical application of yogic concepts. As part of an experiential and academic understanding of the subtle levels of divine circuitry and our connection with the natural world, and in tandem with our deepening study of asana and philosophy, anatomy and the subtle levels, teachers are guided to develop a refined relationship with their personal guidance system and their unique intuitive nature. Additionally, a strong component of the AYI 300 Hour YTT is group dynamics. The AYI Method is a complex study of energetic dynamics, cohesive self-study, core personal work and intuitive development.

Highlights of our 300 Hour Program:

While it is not necessary to to have an advanced asana practice in order to attend the 300 Hour AYI Yoga Teacher Training program, it is important to have a willingness to study deeply and gain a thorough understanding of the stages of asana. It is also important to practice with concentration and cultivate the energy of possibility in your own body and mind. The 300 Hour program requires sustained daily practice and study of intermediate-advanced asana including in-depth posture clinics that address:
  • Correct form and technique
  • Stages of asana including modifications and advanced variations
  • Level 3 - 4 Asana Practice
  • Teaching methodology
  • Safe technical assists
  • Teaching methodology
  • In-Depth Study of the Yoga Sutras and Yoga Philosophy
  • Advanced study of the chakra system as it relates to each asana on the physical and emotional levels
  • Emotional healing
  • Development of intuitive clarity and perceptive ability
  • The technical / intuitive eye: reading body language both structurally and emotionally
  • Advanced group dynamic work
  • Earth based teachings to re-connect with our organic nature
  • Introduction to Oriental Medicine
  • Community Service Work

Become a Yoga Shaman

Optional Earth-based Teachings and YTT in the Mountains Opportunities

The study of yoga begins with the present moment, in the vessel of the body. We discover the secrets and decode the mystery of the yogic path from the inside-out, not the outside-in. Through asana and pranayama practice, various forms of meditation and chanting, study of energetic hygiene and intuitive development and more, we cleanse and purify the body, emotional body, mind and spirit. In addition to these practices students are exposed to elemental / shamanic techniques to help re-establish connection with the natural world, of which we are a part.

Sacred Living Sweat Lodge

While not part of the actual 300 Hour YTT curriculum hours, monthly sweat lodges and earth-based studies including a short vision quest are offered as a method of purification and connection to assist us in our transformational journey. Additional fee.

Yoga in the Mountains

Gain intimacy with the White Mountains of NH, from the local foothills to the 4000'ers, and understand mountains as a metaphor to the deep work that yoga reveals on and off the mat. Through monthly hiking opportunities build strength, technique and the euphoria of ascent while connecting to the natural world. Our approach to hiking fulfills the intent of re-calibrating our biology and heart with that of the earth mother - to receive the gifts of the earth through movement, contemplation, prayer and ceremony. Imagine a pre-dawn hike to greet the rising sun on a mountain summit, followed by a purifying sweat lodge ceremony upon descent...Please inquire for details.

Are you ready? Become more fully YOU by facing who you are not and truly discovering the connected self.