Training Community Leaders with Heart through the Study of Yoga, Healing and the Natural World.



Workshops and One-Day Retreats

Christina offers many different types of Yoga and Healing Workshops and One-Day Retreats at various locations. For longer Retreats, visit our Retreat page. If you are interested in hosting Christina in your studio, facility, or home please contact her with inquiries at


A Day to Connect: Healing with the Sacred Circle

Join Christina Alexa, founder of the Abhyasa Yoga Institute and experienced Teacher, Writer and Intuitive, for this transformational introduction to the energetic dynamics of the sacred circle for deep healing and personal growth. Many of our physical, psychosomatic and spiritual ailments originate in our lack of connection; in isolation we are susceptible to the perpetration of our own thoughts, doubts and insecurities. Through yoga practice, healthy group discourse and exercises we track the origin of patterning that does not serve the authentic self while gaining positive mirrors of our gifts as well as remembrance of self renewal. Explore the anatomy and physiology of the human energy system through study and discussion, practices, exercises, journaling, group work and more. Christina uses her skills as an Intuitive Healer and Teacher to create a nurturing container, meeting you where you are at with safety, respect and dignity. All levels of experience welcome.

Chakra Yoga Flow with the Crystal Singing Bowls

Join us for this beautiful, heart based and intimate journey through your own chakra system. Enjoy yoga, meditation, discourse and more in this intimate journey toward discovery of  the soul beneath who-you-are-not. Christina draws from nearly 20 years of teaching and healing work, utilizing a deliberate approach to asana practice through a guided slow flow of postures, pranayama, introspective questioning and deep, compassionate support. She relies on her skills as an intuitive healer to “read the room” and address the needs of the participants, directing us deeper into experience and connection. Find balance, purification and clarity in this 1.5 hour Chakra Yoga Flow for all levels. The resonance of the crystal singing bowls accompanies our journey to assist in raising vibration and releasing held densities while presenting a delicious soundscape of harmonic frequency. ALL are welcome; please pre-register as space is limited.

Christina AlexaWorkshops available with Christina Alexa at your facility:

  • Chakra Yoga Workshops
  • Aerial Yoga Intensives
  • Sacred Living One-Day Retreats
  • Practical Yamas and Niyamas
  • Healing the Sacred Circle
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Building the Sacred Lodge
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Smudging and Clearing
  • and many more…