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Intuitive Healing Therapy Private Session

Intuitive Healing Therapy Single Session

Regular Rate $85.00

An Intuitive Healing Modality that meets You where You are at

Intuitive Healing Therapy is a deep healing modality, focused on identifying and releasing inner obstacles and patterns that no longer serve us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In Intuitive Healing Therapy we address the whole person in an environment of safety, strict confidentiality, acceptance and compassion. Sessions are tailored to where you are in the moment and to what is in your highest healing interest, and may include listening and mirroring, intuitive reading, chakra reading, energy healing, resonant sound healing and more. These sessions are designed to follow a chakra reading session in the case of further desire to deepen personal growth and development and are especially helpful as an assist when moving through a life shift.

Schedule: All sessions are by appointment. Please email Christina at to schedule. 

Follow Up

Do not hesitate to contact Christina after a Chakra Reading or Intuitive Healing Session by email for follow up insights, questions or concerns. All emails are answered with gratitude. It is wonderful to hear about your progress and process and to answer any additional questions that come through post-session.