Training Community Leaders with Heart through the Study of Yoga, Healing and the Natural World.

Abhyasa Yoga Study

Abhyasa Yoga Study

The Abhyasa Yoga Study Certification Program is specifically designed for yoga practitioners who seek a deeper immersion in yoga without the desire to teach.

Similar to a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program, Abhyasa Yoga Study (AYS) exposes students to in-depth yoga practices, posture clinics, study of sacred texts and philosophy, physical anatomy and the human energy system, group work, personal healing, energy work and more. AYS does not include teaching methodology, ethics and the business of yoga as well as other aspects particular to yoga instruction. 

In certain instances where there is overlapping content, AYS and YTT students attend program modules in conjunction with one another, enabling all to collectively contribute to and draw from an organic group construct steeped in focused intent and community connection. AYS participants can also opt to benefit from the YTT course of study by participating as students during teacher-trainee practice teaching classes, teacher assisting workshops and more. AYS students additionally attend at least one residential yoga retreat during their program of study. 

Generally Abhyasa Yoga Study programs run in conjunction with 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training time frames; some dates between the programs differ however. For more information about our upcoming AYS programs or to apply please contact us at